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Konopiště Château


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Accessible Route Around Konopiště Château

Konopiště is more than just a castle. Its stunning park captivates with beauty and vastness, offering accessible routes for everyone, including wheelchair users.

Konopiště Château was reconstructed by Archduke Franz Ferdinand d’Este. In the surrounding beautiful park, you can admire centuries-old trees, fountains, statues, and the Rose Garden. And from the nearby former Chvojen hillfort, you’ll have a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

Explore Konopiště Park on an adaptable route accessible from the town via the yellow trail. Wheelchair-friendly entrances are closer to the central parking. Visit the JAWA factory museum nearby, showcasing 200 motorcycles and historical documents. Choose to tour the château or take a comfortable path around the pond to the former Chvojen hillfort, offering a breathtaking view and positive energy. The path, adorned with a lovely linden alley, provides a delightful scent, particularly in early summer.

  • Interesting Fact: The Church of St. James and Philip in Chvojen stands at the site of an ancient Přemyslid hillfort, possibly an earlier Celtic oppidum. Inside, discover a unique feature – a painted Ptolemaic model of the solar system on the wall, depicting Earth at the center of the universe, and a fresco representing Hell as the giant mouth of the Leviathan monster. The identity and reason behind the paintings remain a mystery. Explore these and other frescoes during occasional events or arrange a visit in advance.

On the return journey, find a perfect picnic spot near Žofie Bridge. The château park begins with various paths and trails, allowing you to explore at your own pace. Don’t miss the Rose Garden, established by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, featuring over 200 rose varieties. The garden also includes subtropical and tropical greenhouses with palms, orchids, and an alpinum with a pond.

At Konopiště Château , bear breeding, a tradition since the 19th century, features Jiří, the bear residing here since 2011. For a romantic experience, enjoy the Vienna Breakfast served on the castle balcony, inspired by Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s family. The enchanting Konopiště leaves you wanting more time to explore.

Trip start:

Benešov u Prahy

Trip length:

12,9 km

Trip duration:

4 hours

Trip end

Benešov u Prahy

Altitude profile:

+75 m

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