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Karel Čapek Memorial


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Karel Čapek Memorial

The memorial, near Dobříš above the Strž Pond dam, unveils the lives of literary giant Antonín Dvořák and his wife Olga, along with other notable personalities from the First Republic.

The Karel Čapek Memorial near Dobříš features an exhibition on Karel Čapek, Olga Scheinpflugová, and Ferdinand Peroutka, along with insights into local metallurgical development. Explore Čapek’s cherished spots on the nearby educational trail.

Originally an administrative facility for local ironworks, the memorial building now houses the exhibition “In the Footsteps of Forges and Hammers in the Čapek’s Strž Region,” narrating the local iron industry’s story. After years of hesitation, Karel Čapek proposed to Olga Scheinpflugová. A gift from friend Václav Palivec granted them lifelong residence in the Empire-style villa above Strž Pond. This romantic home with a beautiful garden became where Karel Čapek wrote his masterpieces and entertained guests with Olga.

  • Interesting fact: The exhibition dedicated to Olga Scheinpflugová holds treasures such as her restored silk costume from the 1920s or a Christmas greeting sent to her by the then eighteen-year-old Václav Havel, recognizing her as a valued writer.

Besides the main exhibition on Karel Čapek’s life, Olga Scheinpflugová, and Ferdinand Peroutka, a Karel Čapek educational trail was introduced in 2012. Explore his favorite spots along 2, 6, and 10 km routes, and discover a sound totem and so called poesiomat in the area.

  • Tip for you: In the garden, there is a plaque dedicated to the most famous Czech dog – Čapek’s Dášeňka. Awareness of Dášeňka is maintained through the Dog Day, where children can win the Dášeňka Prize with their four-legged friends.
Where to head next?

Following your visit to the Karel Čapek Memorial, consider exploring the nearby Dobříš Château with its enchanting gardens or heading to Příbram. Delve into the mining history of the entire region at the local museum. En route to Prague, make a detour to Mníšek pod Brdy Château, offering specialized tours for young visitors. Above the castle, the pilgrimage site Skalka awaits with its captivating atmosphere.




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