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Bike Trips

Greenway Jizera’s Hidden Treasures

The landscape south of Mladá Boleslav hides many interesting destinations, including technical monuments, castles, and modern museums.

Ride through the beautiful landscape of Mladá Boleslav, exploring the landmarks of Central Bohemia and the region’s automotive and sugar industry history along the Greenway Jizera cycle route.

Start your journey at Zdětín u Chotětova train station, where you’ll hop onto the cycle path leading you safely to Benátky nad Jizerou. Admire the Renaissance château’s sgraffito façades, home to the Benátecko Museum and Toy Museum. Then, enjoy a scenic ride along the renowned Greenway Jizera to Dražice, where you’ll be treated to panoramic views and the ruins of Dražice Castle.

  • Interesting fact: Benátky nad Jizerou Château, once a cultural center, attracted many notable figures. Composer Bedřich Smetana taught music here during the ownership of the Thun family in the 19th century. Renowned astronomer Tycho Brahe even had the château renovated during his stay to enhance his sky observations. Today, a section of the museum in Benátky nad Jizerou is dedicated to him, displaying numerous astronomical instruments for visitors to explore.

Continue through Svatojiřský Forest to Struhy, Čachovice, and along the Taxis cycle path, named after the Thurn-Taxis family from Loučeň Castle. Explore the unconventional Labyrintharium in the castle park. Follow the red hiking signs to Jabkenice with the Bedřich Smetana Memorial and Dobrovice, where you can visit the local museums to learn about sugar, distillation, and beet cultivation.

Through Sýčina, Nepřevázka, the Chlum Nature Park, and the Klenice Valley, you’ll reach Mladá Boleslav. Welcoming you are the majestic Mladá Boleslav Castle and Templ Palace with a multimedia exhibition. Fans of technical monuments will be thrilled by the Škoda Museum or the modern Metoděj Vlach Aviation Museum.

Trip start:

Zdětín u Chotětova

Trip length:

52 km

Trip duration:

3,5 hours

Trip end

Mladá Boleslav

Altitude profile:

+80 m

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Elevation profile of the route

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