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Biking trip Central Bohemia


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Bike Trips

Castles and Chateaux Along the Jizera River

A moderately challenging circular cycling route for castle and château enthusiasts will take you from Mladá Boleslav to Mnichovo Hradiště and back.

During a trip along the Jizera River, you’ll enjoy both nature and history. You’ll encounter three ruins, visit Mnichovo Hradiště Château with its splendid Neoclassical theater and tomb of a famous military leader, as well as the renowned Loretto in Kosmonosy. In Mladá Boleslav’s historic center, refresh yourself at the iconic Jizera Fountain.

From Mladá Boleslav station, follow the Greenway Jizera cycle route upstream along the Jizera River. Soon in Michalovice, you’ll spot the ruins of the same-named castle perched on a steep promontory—feel free to climb its tower for a stunning view of the valley. The abundance of castles and châteaux along the Jizera is evident at another stop: on the outskirts of Bakov nad Jizerou in the Podhradí area, you’ll find the ruins of Zvířetice Castle and Château.

The journey proceeds to Malá Bělá, where the path deviates from the Greenway Jizera. It leads through the Rečkov Nature Reserve along Rokytka stream to St. Stapin’s Baroque chapel. Continuing, you’ll pass Hradiště nad Jizerou Monastery, once a château, later famous for its brewery.

  • Interesting fact: Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou got its name from a Cistercian monastery that once stood on a rocky promontory. Monks carved tunnels and halls into the rock, allegedly hiding a treasure. Over time, the monastery was transformed into a château and brewery, with the brewery occupying the secret tunnels.

Mnichovo Hradiště boasts a baroque château with a stunning theater and historic costumes. Visit the Capuchin monastery, now a lapidarium, where the famous military leader Albrecht von Wallenstein is buried. If you’re up for it, detour to the ruins of Zásadka Castle, taking the Greenway Jizera route there and returning via the blue cycling trail.

On your way back to Mladá Boleslav, pass through Bakov nad Jizerou and Kosmonosy. Don’t miss the baroque gem of Kosmonosy: the Loreto with its striking Santa Casa—a replica of the Virgin Mary’s house adorned with intricate relief decorations.

Where to head next?

Don’t miss the Skála restaurant in Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou, with its unique rock-carved spaces. For a sweet treat, visit Kafé Ořech in Mnichovo Hradiště. Conclude your journey in Mladá Boleslav at “…škoda nezajít” café on the square, where you can enjoy coffee, treats, and a light lunch. Traditional Czech cuisine lovers will enjoy Jihočeská Hostěnice.

Explore the historic center of Mladá Boleslav, where you can cool off on hot days at the interactive fountain in the Old Town Square, shaped like the Jizera River. Don’t miss the local castle with the collections of the Mladá Boleslav Museum or Templ Palace with a multimedia exhibition on the city’s early history.

Trip start:

Mladá Boleslav

Trip length:

55 km

Trip duration:

4 hours

Trip end

Mladá Boleslav

Altitude profile:

+131 m

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